While most of the world is stuck inside over concerns of coronavirus, Rich Brian is hoping to take listeners on a trip to paradise.

The 88rising star released his new single “Bali” on Friday (April 10), taking inspiration from the tropical tourist destination in his home country of Indonesia. Blending bouncy reggae with knocking hip-hop production, the new track takes the feel-good vibes the island conjures to let Rich Brian

As the first release since his sophomore album The Sailor, which was his second  “Bali” marks a moment where the 20-year-old is being “flexible” with his music releases and working on his self-recording while self-isolating. Read on for what else the star has to say about his new music, what’s coming this year and a message to those with concerns over coronavirus.

Is “Bali” leading to a new album? What have you been up to lately?

“I’m trying to be as flexible as I can. Even before the lockdown, I was making a lot of music. Now that everybody’s staying inside, I’m working on recording myself and just making as much as I can every day. I’m not currently in the headspace trying to come up with a whole concept album, I’m releasing things as I like. I may come out with a short EP or something, but right now it’s all up in the air. Home recording is going well though, I’m learning ProTools which I’ve never touched before but it’s going surprisingly well ” Said Brian.

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